The fact that practically all the sensorial exercises are accompanied by movements shows that kinesthetic perceptions have a prominent role even at a very early age. This is why we have made extensive use of the stereognostic sense in our method of education. The Trinomial Cube gives the child a visual image of algebraic concepts. The Red Rods, the Pink Tower and the Brown Stairs build the muscular memory and improve the ability to make visual distinction and develop memory and reasoning power. Minds trained on these basic physical concepts help the child prepare for mathematics. The Knobbed Cylinders build the ability to observe and make distinctions; the child’s reasoning power is stimulated through noticing and correcting errors. The thumb and fingers that will be used for writing are also being strengthened as he grasps each cylinder by the knob. The Auditory Sense Materials introduce the children to the beauty and variety of sounds in their environment.

We have the Sound Basket, Sound / No Sound, and the Sound Cylinders. The Tactile Sense Materials introduce the children to the variety of textures in the environment. There are the Basket of Rough and Smooth Objects, Touch Boards, Touch Tablets and Fabric Box #1 & Box #2. The Baric Sense Materials to introduce the children to realize the heavy and light in their surroundings. There are the Basket of Heavy and Light Objects and the Baric Tablets. The Thermic Sense Materials introduce the kids to hot and cold. There are the Thermic Bottles and the Thermic Tablets. The Olfactory Sense we have the Smelling Cylinders and the Gustatory Sense introduce the children to different taste of food. Most important of all are The Sense of Wonder and the Sense of Self to foster confidence and self-respect in the children and everyone else in the environment, to teach the children there are endless discoveries in the world.

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