Why BMS?

We believe it is our job to meet each student’s individual needs, we incorporate the best, and most current available educational research and thinking into our teaching. We teach our students to experiment, test, analyze, observe, and practice in their own educations. We believe a complete, systematic approach to education – ever-evolving, yet rooted in timeless wisdom – produces sophisticated thinkers and wise individuals.


While following the Montessori philosophy, the mission of Burlington Montessori School is to provide creative, stimulating, intellectual, artistic, and developmental experiences for each child. We strive to cultivate each child’s natural desire to learn, and to foster his/her natural curiosity and love of knowledge. We are committed to providing a superior education for all of our students.  Our primary focus is always the well-being and best interest of the child

At Burlington Montessori School, we are enriched and inspired by the diversity in our community. The Montessori philosophy as well as our Montessori method respect the individuality in each child and nurture the sense of wonder in each child. Through our curriculum, we work to acknowledge the difference in each child from others and the value of that to the world.

Montessori Educated Children Tend to grow up to be

  • A life-long joyful scholar
  • Independent
  • Responsible
  • Self-confident
  • Able to think for oneself
  • Compassionate and kind
  • Enthusiastic

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